Adding photos is a simple and great way to improve any article.


  • To start, click the Edit button to enter the Wikia editor.
  • Once in the editor, click on the photo upload button Pilt:Photo button.png on the right rail of the editor toolbar.
Pilt:Edit toolbar image upload2.png
  • A pop-up will appear, which will allow you to Upload a photo from your computer.
  • You can also search for find photos already added to the wiki by others or on

  • Once you choose a photo to add, click upload.
  • Next you will be able to adjust the size and placement of the photo. You can also provide a caption, which will display below the photo.
  • If you would like to provide adjust more details about the photo, including a new name and the license information, click on the more options link.
Pilt:Photo description.png

  • After you have picked your options, click the Add photo button, and your photo will be added to the edit area.
  • Photos can be modified at any time in edit mode. Simply hover over the image and choose "modify", and the same pop-up window will appear.
  • Once you are done, click publish and your photo will be live on the page.

Next steps Edit

More help Edit

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