A wiki page can be formatted in a number of different ways, using headers, lists, and indenting. All of the following options are available in the Wikia editor.



Pilt:Paragraph format.png
  • It is good to break up long articles into sections to help the reader stay oriented. This can be done using headings.
  • To create a header, highlight the text you wish to modify, and click on the Pilt:Format button.png button. You will see the dropdown menu shown on the right. From the list you can choose:
Format option What it will look like
Normal text keeps the text in a regular paragraph format
Heading 2 Pilt:Header 2 text.png
Heading 3

is a sub-header and can be used as a sub-section heading

Heading 4

is a smaller sub-header

Heading 5
is the smallest sub-header option
Code / preformatted allows you to input preset formatted text (such as text you modified to a different color, size, etc.)

Lists Edit

If you would like to create a list, you can use either use bullets or numbers with Pilt:Bullet&number button.png the button on the toolbar:

  • Numbers: Click on the numbers button Pilt:Numbers.png, and a 1. will appear. Add text after. When you hit enter, the subsequent number will appear. Hit enter twice to exit the number format. A Numbered list will look like this:
  1. Item the first
  2. Item the second
  3. Item the third
  • Bullets: Click on the bullets button Pilt:Bullets.png, and a blue bullet will appear. Hit enter twice to exit the bullet format. A Bullet list will look like this:
  • Item the first
  • Item the second
  • Item the third

Indenting & Justifying Edit

  • To indent text, highlight it and use the Pilt:Indent.png button to move it to the left or right.

Editing in Source Mode Edit

  • If you wish to edit in source mode, you can follow steps listed here to format pages.

Next Pages Edit

Further Help and FeedbackEdit

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