The Theme Designer is an easy-to-use admin tool that allows you to quickly customize your wiki's theme and wordmark. Choose from a pre-set theme or design your own unique theme that fits your wiki's topic and community.


  • As an admin of a wiki, you can find a link to Theme Designer in the My Tools menu on the toolbar, or in the Admin Dashboard. You can also navigate to it directly by visiting the page, Special:Themedesigner, on your wiki.
  • You can access three tabs:
    • Themes: Choose from a variety of pre-set themes, which can be used in whole or modified.
    • Customize: Define background and page attributes.
    • Wordmark: Design how the wiki's name displays, upload a unique graphic wordmark, or add a favicon.
  • Every change made is immediately seen on the preview below, so you can see how your theme will look before you save it.
Pilt:Theme designer.png


  • You can choose from eleven pre-set themes by clicking on the theme you want. This will show you a preview of the theme below the designer.
  • If you want to change parts of the theme you choose, simply click on the customize tab, and modify links, button colors, and more.
Pilt:Theme designer - theme tab.png


  • Background: The background is the area outside of the content area and appears on all pages of your wiki.
    • Select the background color of your choice in the color picker.
    • You can choose to add a background design by choosing one of the images in the graphic picker. Some of these are transparent images, and will use whatever background color you have already set.
    • If you would like to add your own background image, click on the graphic picker and use the upload tool available. You can upload a .jpg, .png or .gif. The maximum file size is 150 kilobytes.
    • You can tile the background image (so that it repeats across the page) by checking the "tile" box.
    • You can fix the image (so it stays in place as you scroll down the page) by selecting "fix".
    • If you do not wish to tile the graphic, it will appear once, and the background color will appear in the remaining space.
  • Page: Page controls the colors of the buttons, links, header and content.
    • Click on the color swatch under each category to change the color. A color picker will appear to let you choose a color or add in a hex code.
    • You can change the transparency of the content area by moving the transparency slider.
Pilt:Theme designer - customize tab.png


  • The wordmark can be either text or a graphic and appears on every page. Users can navigate to the main page of the wiki by clicking on the wordmark on any page.
  • Text wordmark:
    • The wordmark text is originally set to the wiki's sitename. To change it, click the edit button.
    • To modify the font, choose from the dropdown menu of fifteen font options, along with the size of small, medium or large.
  • Graphic wordmark:
    • You can create and upload your own graphic wordmark.
    • Graphic wordmarks can only be .png files and must be 250x65 pixels or less.
    • The workmark graphic file is stored at File:Wiki-wordmark.png.
  • Favicon:
    • Favicons are small icons appear at the top of your browser, and are frequently used in tabs and bookmarks.
    • You can upload a favicon using the upload tool. Select Choose File and then select "Upload" to complete the process.
    • Your favicon must be 16 x 16px with a .ico extension. You can learn more about Favicons here.
Pilt:Theme designer - wordmark tab.png

Saving and past revisionsEdit

  • When you are finished, click Save and your new theme will appear to users instantly!
  • If you would like to see or revert to a past version, you can do so in Theme Designer. Click on a past version and it will load in preview mode.
Pilt:Theme designer - history.png

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